BEMS and controls maintenance

BEMS and controls maintenance

Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and controls systems monitor and control a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), water services and electrical plant.

Implementing monitoring and control systems then allows the setup of energy saving initiatives, a key benefit to BEMS and controls.

BEMS and controls systems typically require two service maintenance visits per annum. These maintenance visits should be carried out by multi-skilled service engineers with extensive knowledge of how building services function, as they have the greatest understanding of how the systems practically operate and integrate. BEMS and controls visits should also be co-ordinated with servicing of the HVAC plant, to ensure the harmonious operation of all systems. This also ensures energy saving plans are implemented and are practically achievable.

BEMS and controls maintenance should take place on both the system PC and all of the individual outstations and controlled devices. This proves operation is in-line with specifications and commands set up on the PC’s software strategy.

A back-up copy of the BEMS and controls software strategy should be kept in a separate secure location, in case of damage or corruption of the strategy. This would avoid the substantial cost associated with re-writing the strategy, which is a time-consuming task. To reduce the risk of corruption, the BEMS and controls system should be controlled from a segregated, stand-alone PC.

One such BEMS provider is Cylon. Cylon is a recognised international leader in the development of smart energy management systems. Thermodial are Cylon Active Energy Technical Partners allowing our service engineers access to Cylon systems, hardware, software and support. Cylon Active Energy provides a cloud-based, real time energy management service – view video on how savings can be achieved.

Talk to Thermodial about BEMS or a Cylon Active Energy system to support your businesses’ specific maintenance or installation needs.

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