Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) reduces the likelihood of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system failure, improves efficiency and saves you time and money. Well maintained HVAC systems are proven less likely to fail and cause interruption to your business.

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is a risk averse measure, ensuring uptime of operation critical systems.

Unscheduled issues in your HVAC system can cause serious risks and problems for your business.


System issues can result in:

  1. No heating can result in premises closure, dissatisfied staff, industrial relations issues or uncomfortable conditions.
  2. No cooling can result in similar issues. It can also lead to machine shutdown – due to over-heating – potentially costing vast sums due to downtime.
  3. No hot water or interruption to your water supply can cause loss of earnings – refunding unhappy guests and customers.

Improper records can also cause issues – different types of issues.

Records and traceability

Improper or incomplete reports and records of your HVAC system can cause issues with compliance bodies, resulting in audit failure and/or the issue of improvement notices – costing time and money. Traceability can assist with viewing progress of PPM operations and the condition of system being maintained.

Compliance bodies include can include but are not limited to:

  1. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – regulators of environmental protection, including F-Gases.
  2. Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) – regulators of utilities in Ireland for, natural gas installations (RGII) and electrical contractors (RECI).
  3. Health and Safety Authority (HSA) – national body with responsibility for occupational health and safety in the workplace.
  4. Standards auditors – such as those carrying out full or inspection audits of international standards.
  5. Sector specific bodies – such as the health information and quality authority (HIQA) in healthcare environments.
  6. Insurance inspectors – for policy cover or claims.

Support service

Expert PPM is a support service that can reduce the risk of failure and provide you with many benefits, such as:

  1. Ensuring uptime of operation critical HVAC systems.
  2. Peace-of-mind. Not only are systems less likely to breakdown, but they are covered for emergency callouts – 24/7 – 365.
  3. Setting of HVAC systems to optimal efficiency tailored for your specific business needs, including monitoring and the appropriate adjustment to gain further energy efficiencies.
  4. Success in compliance audits and inspections, with work performed safely, to industry standards.

The key to expert PPM are the service engineers who carry out those maintenance operations.

Service engineers

PPM is delivered through trustworthy, multi-skilled service engineers, who are flexible to your environment and specific service requirements. Multi-skilled service engineers have a higher level of training aiding a first-time fix of issues, whilst ensuring full professional compliance. Multi-skilled service engineers therefore saving time and money for customers, while reducing the chance of repeat calls.

Support service

PPM is a proactive support service, delivering reliability, cost savings and resulting in less issues. This provides you with uptime and allowing you to focus away from reactive interruptions and complaints – as improperly maintained systems put core business operations at risk and can cause reputational brand damage.

Thermodial’s approach

Our mission is to improve reliability by reducing callouts and saving on energy consumption. As a result, businesses operate more efficiently, benefiting staff, customers and the environment.

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