Energy management and consumption are among the topical items on the world’s current climate change agenda.

Thermodial were recently awarded ISO 50001 certification for energy management and we believe we have achieved a sector first in attaining this updated energy standard. Whilst Thermodial aren’t an intensive user of energy, we still recognise our duty to society in reducing our carbon footprint and assisting customers in reducing theirs.

Amongst the other benefits in the image below, this new updated standard for 2018 places a stronger emphasis on the role of management to instil an energy management culture in the company.

Thermodial award ISO50001 for energy management

Thermodial were awarded certification for occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001) in 2017 and environmental management (ISO 14001) in 2016.

These standards built upon our 1995 certification for quality – adding to Thermodial’s suite of third party certification and accreditations – which are independently audited and verified by compliance bodies and industry experts.

This certification assists Thermodial in our commitment to achieving the highest standards in our operations, maintaining HVAC systems, providing HVAC upgrades and BEMS and controls maintenance.