Ensure that your building or work environment is air conditioned in a comfortable and energy efficient manner over the summer of 2013. Below are 10 of our top air conditioning energy saving tips from observations and knowledge accrued over 26 years of servicing and maintaining air conditioning systems.
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Report iconReview previous the air conditioning service maintenance reports to ensure there are no outstanding issues in advance of use.



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Ideally have a thorough service carried out on your air conditioning system prior to the summer season.




Time clocks

Time clock icon

Check that any time clocks are set to the required building occupancy times. This is to ensure that you aren’t cooling the building when not in use by staff, as it is wasteful of energy. 



Temperature settingsThermometer icon

Check temperature settings are not unrealistically low. 22 °C should ensure that comfort levels and energy efficiency are both achieved.






It is best to set your air conditioning controller to automatic, as the air conditioning unit both heats and cools. If the unit is on heating only, you won’t have cooling when required – this is a common issue we encounter on site.

Sun icon  « Typical heating symbol display | Typical cooling symbol display »  Air conditioning chill symbol

Typically, the automatic symbol will appear displayed as either arrows going in a clockwise direction or the letter A in a circle.




Ensure that other sources of heating are turned off, i.e. radiators.




Filters and grills

Visually check that filters in the air conditioning unit are clean and the outdoor unit is free of litter/leaves, accumulated over the shutdown period. Also ensure any air grills are in the open position and are unrestricted.




Don’t cool the street!

Notwithstanding the requirement for fresh air, remind staff that open windows and doors are an added burden to the cooling system and therefore wasteful of energy. Don’t cool the street outside! – This is a common issue we encounter on site.




Remind staff to use window blinds where possible, to reflect away the glare of the sun. This will increase comfort levels and reduce the reliance on air conditioning, saving energy.





Batteries icon

Inexpensive, inconspicuous but crucial. If your system has a remote control – check the batteries or ensure spares are available.



Air conditioning units contain refrigerant gases. Regulations state that you must keep written records to prove that you have had your units leak checked and that you have used certified people/companies. Failure to do so can result in enforcement action from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in the form of a € 500,000 fine or three years imprisonment.

View EPA information leaflet »

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