Clocks move forward by one hour this weekend – in the early hours of Sunday 27 March at 01:00 (Saturday night). Clocks switch from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to Irish Standard Time (IST).

Avoid situations like the one in this video, where our service engineer was called out to reports of no hot water for an entire busy four storey office building.

Ensure manual timers are prepared in advance in your workplace and at home for continuity of supply in hot water and heating. This will also avoid unnecessary energy waste in the morning time.

Unfortunately, this means that an hour of sleep will be lost, but it does mean brighter evenings from next week.

End to clock changes

In 2019 the European Parliament vote to end bi-annual clock changing. Now, two years on from that vote, the clocks move forward still. It is believed that the pandemic, bureaucracy and Brexit are the reasons for these changes still occurring – according to Bloomberg.

Sunrise and sunset

Changes to sunrising and sunsetting times can be viewed on here.