Air conditioning is effective at providing welcome relief during periods of temperature fluctuation – providing heating and cooling.

However, from time-to-time air conditioning error codes display which can cause interruption to your heating/cooling supply, if not dealt with swiftly. Effective air conditioning planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is essential in ensuring continuity of service and longevity of life of the units, generally:

  • 15 years for room air conditioners and
  • 20 years for computer room systems – according to Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), whose maintenance guide is the authority.

Any air conditioning interruption to process or comfort environments – be they computer room/data processing or office – can prove troublesome for your business and the building occupants respectively. Generally faults are mitigated through PPM, however, from time to time, some faults and error codes may appear on the user control panel. Three of the most common faults we’ve encountered and their solutions are listed below.

Common errors and faults

Air conditioning unit not operating.Some unit lights are illuminated.Unit has tripped out on high pressure.Extreme hot weather or the unit is old and may need to be replaced.
Dirty filters and/or filter light has not re-set after maintenance.Filter light has illuminated on unit.Unit may need to be serviced or re-set.Check the maintenance log label - which should be periodically updated by your service company - for unit service history.
Noted poor performance of unit.Inadequate heating or cooling supplied.Check, "Contains Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases" and "Refrigerant Leak Check Record" labels* immediately, as an F-Gas leak may have occurred.Call your service company if mandatory leak checks have not been performed or recorded, as per labels.

*  mandatory under EU regulation: EU 517/2014.

Manufacturers’ error codes

In addition, some equipment manufacturers have a troubleshooting area for specific air conditioning error codes, also referred to as fault/malfunction/alarm codes. View each below from the most popular systems in the Irish market:

All other error codes are available on this website. If in doubt, contact your air conditioning service company – their contact details should be on a service label near the central air conditioning unit or talk to Thermodial.