The hospital environment must meet precise health and quality regulations as set out by the Health, Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) or Joint Commission International (JCI).

Maintenance works at hospitals must be carried out by trained, multi-skilled service engineers to aid prompt problem solving of mechanical and electrical issues.

Contracts Managers are available for customer support to ensure that any issues are dealt with speedily, giving you complete assurance.

The management of specialist medical subcontractors is incorporated into the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) planned preventative maintenance agreement, giving you a complete managed service.

Energy saving initiatives are also supported using our filtration supplier who can provide proven savings on air handling units.

HIQA regulate healthcare services in Irish public hospitals, whilst JCI audit private hospitals to international standards.

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R22 refrigerant gas ban

An R22 refrigerant gas ban comes into effect on 01 January 2015. This will make it illegal to service (the gas section) of air conditioning units containing R22 from this date. What is R22? R22 refrigerant gas is a HCFC (hydro chlorofluorocarbon) or ozone depleting...

10 Top building service tips for winter

Ensure your building or work environment gets the protection it needs over the winter months. Below are ten of our top tips from observations and knowledge accrued over the years to help protect the services within your building. If you need any additional...

Maintain filters – save energy

Filters are an important protection measure for heating and cooling systems, providing occupants with comfort through climate control and a health environment. An area of concern from an energy spending point of view, if there is heating and cooling in your building,...

Summer air conditioning checks

The sun might not be shinning as bright as it was last weekend or indeed Monday (when one of our engineers recorded a temperature of 27°C on the roof of a building in Dublin 7), but high levels of humidity in the air are due to last right up until the weekend. If you...

Refrigerant responsibilities for air conditioning

Set out in 2009 by the European Commission, there are strict rules on the usage of gases in air-conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration systems. Are you aware of the regulations and the responsible person for their enforcement? Below is an overview of the...

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