Air conditioning maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance

HVAC planned preventative maintenance should take place on air conditioning and ventilation plant as part of maintaining the whole HVAC system.

Air conditioning systems typically require a minimum of two and a maximum of four service maintenance visits per annum or as dictated by F-Gas regulations (set out by the Environmental Protection Agency – EPA). Heat pumps use a similar technology and should therefore be maintained in a similar fashion.

Ventilation systems typically require a minimum of two service maintenance visit per annum.

A well maintained air conditioning system is less likely to breakdown, be in need of expensive repairs or be in constant need of attention – ensuring fewer staff or customer service issues due to poor or a lack of air conditioning services.

Air conditioning maintenance is carried out with minimum disruption to your business, whilst ensuring compliance with current F-Gas regulations.

Only certified people/companies can service air conditioning systems containing F-Gas refrigerant, by law. Check registered companies on the F-Gas Registration website.

F-Gas removed from systems during maintenance or on decommissioning must be handled with a Prior Annual Notification (PAN). PAN certified companies are listed on the EPA’s website.

In view of any potential interruptions, units display fault/error codes as an early warning of issues. View error codes for the most popular air conditioning systems in the Irish market.

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Key F-Gas legislation

S.I. No. 658/2016 – European Union (Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas) Regulations 2016

Regulation (EU) No 517/2014

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