About us

Since it is foundation in 1986, Thermodial have provided customers with a trustworthy, knowledgeable solutions in technical HVAC maintenance and upgrade services, as well as building energy management systems.

Thermodial’s reputation is held in strong regard amongst customers and the wider market, negating customer’s risks through alignment with the risk averse nature of Thermodial activities. This reputation extends as far as competitors, who recognise Thermodial’s constant strive for service innovation and improvement to the customer experience.

Whilst reliability and uptime are key market drivers; confidence, professional pride, advice, cleanliness and understanding are at the core of Thermodial’s professional service.

Profiles of Thermodial’s expert team display a biography and complete training record – for transparency and verification – of all field service engineers and business professionals.

High standards are maintained through certification in meeting best practice international standards in quality, environmental and occupation health and safety concerns. Whilst trade associations are maintained with key industry bodies in Ireland.

Thermodial passionately believe in customer care and doing things right rather than hurried. To this end, a team approach is taken to utilise collective knowledge in problem solving. The appropriate back-up reporting is continually provided for clarity, and transparency.